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Bridget Thorne

Bridget Thorne is a strong conservative voice on the Fulton County Commission. Currently there are 5 Democrats and 2 Republicans on the Board.
Bridget is your voice on the commission fighting for accountability.
She won't back down! Bridget will ask the tough questions.

VOTE! Bridget Thorne
Fulton County Commission, District 1

Bridget will fight for a better future for all

  • Protect taxpayers

  • Protect our communities

  • Protect our health and welfare

  • Protect the residential integrity of our neighborhoods

  • Open and responsible government

Early Vote: Oct. 17 - Nov. 4

Election Day: Nov. 8

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What are the responsibilities of the Board of Commissioners?

What is the Fulton County Board of Commissioners?

Fulton County is governed by a 7-member Board of Commissioners. Six commissioners are elected by geographic district and one is elected countywide as the chairman (Robb Pitts). Each year the Board of Commissioners elects a vice chairman from among their members. Members are part-time and serve four-year terms.​

  • establishing policies for the health and welfare of county residents

  • adopting an annual budget for county government operations

  • enacting plans for County growth and development

  • authorizing bond referendums

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