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Fulton County has become divided; North and South, Black and White, Democrat and Republican. We need to put our differences aside. We need to understand each other. We need to come together for the unified purpose of making this county a great place to live for everyone.

It is time to BUILD bridges!



Spend less, lower taxes, be more efficient

I am a fiscal conservative who will protect your tax dollars.  Too often, our county commission simply throws money at problems and creates more problems with inefficient bureaucracies.  I will cut spending and lower taxes and focus on cleaning up the inefficient departments within Fulton County government.

While taxpayers are dealing with high inflation, government spending needs to be dialed back. I support prioritizing spending in essential areas such as public safety and health but there should be no new spending and no new programs at this time. 

For the last decade, in my experience with the Elections Department, I have seen incredible inefficiencies and waste due to mismanagement. Unfortunately, Elections is not the only department that operates inefficiently.

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Three Generations


Fulton County DA, Sheriff, Courts, Jail

We deserve elected officials who will support law enforcement and our first responders.  I will give the police what they need to keep our streets safe. With the rapid violent crime increase in Atlanta and the flood of Fentanyl and drug overdoses in the suburbs, our law enforcement needs to be equipped to protect our communities. 


Public safety is the largest budget expenditure of the county at $350 million. Commissioners are looking at the options to fix the current dilapidated and overcrowded jail, including spending $500 million to rebuild. The courts are severely backlogged and they do not seem to be catching up.

I believe we need to find solutions as to why there is an increase in crime. Are Atlanta's decriminalization and decarceration policies affecting crime increase? Are more criminals back on the streets? Are gun buy-back programs really the solution? Since Atlanta is the epicenter of violent crime and ALL Fulton County taxpayers are paying, shouldn't Fulton County have some say?


Mental Health, Suicides and the Opioid Crisis

As we move post-Covid, I would like the health department to use their existing resources towards addressing mental health problems, particularly in the homeless community. Especially since mental health and the drug crisis contribute to the spike in crime.

Also Opioids/Fentanyl continue to flood into the northern suburbs. Suicides are on the rise. We need to continue educating our youth on the dangers of drug use.  We need to create partnerships with non-profits working in this area.



No overdevelopment

Elected officials too often ignore the wishes of local homeowners.  I will work to protect our neighborhoods from overdevelopment. The Fulton Development Authority should work closely with city governments and only approve projects that are desired by those cities.


Transparent, informative and accountable

My experience with Fulton County Government has been they lack transparency and fail to address concerns of the citizens. This failure leads to a general distrust of Government.​ As a Commissioner, I will keep my constituents engaged and informed in the decision-making process. Fulton County needs to empower the people by advancing policies that create a more open, accountable, and responsive government. Trust needs to be restored. 


Too many voters in both parties are losing trust in our elections.  Fulton County makes national news in every election cycle for our lack of election integrity.  I want to ensure proper audits of ballots and prevent abuses of the electoral process.  I want Fulton County to be known for elections that are efficient, accessible, transparent, accurate and fair.

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